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Magic Bites Review
I’m kinda late to the Kate Daniels party. Embarrassingly late. So I decided to haul some arse* and read a[...]
Facebook Ads For Authors: My First Experience
I’m currently experimenting with a pen name in an erotic fiction sub-sub-genre. In other words, I’ve launched a brand new,[...]
Writing at Light Speed: Chris Fox 5000 Words Per Hour Experience
Yes, I'm still proceeding with the Grand Chris Fox Experiment, although it's morphed from researching a market to writing now.[...]

- About Amanda -

Amanda is an archaeologist and anthropologist turned award-winning fantasy author.  You can find her on Twitter as @Amanda467 and on Instagram as AmandaWritesWorlds.  Read more about Amanda's very unusual real life here.

Her first published work, The Maker of Skulls, is available here.  

The first book in Amanda's latest series, The Night Lily, will be published in January 2017.

Visit her blog for progress reports, news indie fantasy book reviews, and random thoughts on writing.