The Night Lily 

Thief. Murderer. Assassin. Spy.

Dhani Karim’s past lies buried in an empty grave on a continent to which she can never return.

Recruited to the Grey Silks, a covert branch of the Jhiriyan secret service, Dhani has found an uneasy peace in the Imperium’s far flung colonies, investigating the Empire’s crimes against itself.

But her past refuses to stay buried.

Ten thousand desert tribespeople surround the tiny outpost fort where Dhani is working undercover.

Part of a team of misfit soldiers, Dhani is tasked with crossing the vast enemy encampment and journeying through the desert to seek help from a man whose knowledge of her past could destroy her.

Yet, even as the mission begins, the team is double crossed – fired on by their own troops.

No way forward, no way back… Can they survive?

Coming March 2017