The Maker of Skulls: A Steampunk Mystery 


To shy, book loving Professor Fineas Steele, his beloved office, overflowing library and pipe are his world… until the morning his life is turned upside down by a secret he’s guarded for almost thirty years.

For decades, Fineas has been protecting a dead man’s secret - an elaborate hoax perpetrated by a much loved, dashing national hero. A secret on which Fineas has built his life, career and professor’s tenure.

When news of a carved granite skull and a sea captain's lucky escape from a cannibal tribe turn up on the front page of the city's newspaper, Fineas must make a decision.

Does he risk everything and expose the lies of the man who made him what he is? Or does he undertake a perilous journey to solve the mystery behind the skull's makers and a tribe of cannibals who never really existed?

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Amanda Markham

About the Author: Amanda Markham

Amanda Markham is an award winning fantasy, speculative fiction and travel writer, whose work has been widely published in Australian magazines and online.  You can read more about Amanda here.

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